Khyber Golf City

Peshawar, Pakistan

Project Description

The riverfront Project is being planned over a site of about 2,500 acres as a residential community with quality recreational facilities, parks and other facilities. To enhance the leisure component of the development, a branded hospitality component to the project and a resort may be planned adjacent to the Kabul River. It is envisioned that in addition to complementing the resort the river would provide water sport and recreation facilities in addition to other possible features.
The Project would be undertaken employing a modern planning and architectural theme, with state-of-the-art building services and amenities. It is envisaged that this would be an exclusive self-contained gated community built adjacent to the scenic Kabul River with a resort feature offering high end leisure, recreation and hospitality features.

2,500 Acres


  • The natural stream path features meandering loops resulting in a low yield
  • Engineering solutions to train the natural water course are proposed, in order to enhance planning efficiency and overall yield
  • Effort to utilize renewable energy sources for sustainable development

Our Services

  • Road Network Design
  • Water Supply & Sewerage Networks
  • Stormwater Management
  • Electrification Network
  • Resident Supervision