Smart Homes, Precinct 3 – Mangla Green Housing

Mangla, Pakistan

Project Description

The residential development with the latest Smart Technology is introduced for the first of its kind fully automated state of the art Smart Homes & Community project in Pakistan, with the help of Huawei as Lead Technology Partner. Smart Homes will be provisioned with options for Dimmable Lighting, AC & TV Controls, Motion Sensors, Passive Security, CCTV Cameras, Shading & Background music, secure Wireless Connectivity and supports Energy Savings with a sustainable lifestyle.

Smart Homes


  • Engineering Design Strategy for sub-structures are addressed keeping in view the challenges due to varied topography.
  • Smart Technology integration of MEP devices from different vendors converge on single program, controlling all gadgets effectively.
  • Plum Concrete retaining walls are proposed, wherever required, due to steep terrain.
  • Focus on economical infrastructure development integrating new planning with existing topography
  • Water Supply System designed to adjust high pressures developed due to change in elevation
  • Sewerage system designed to control maximum velocity
  • Strategic placement of green infrastructure as a stormwater control measure for high velocity flows in addition to concrete pipes & structure

Our Services

  • Road Network Design
  • Stormwater Management
  • Water Supply & Sewerage Networks
  • Electrification Network
  • Structural Engineering
  • MEP Building Engineering
  • Construction Supervision